Young Brits make switch to electric blankets that can heat a bedroom for just 1p per night

Money-conscious millennials turn up the heat in bed

Once a staple of the 70s bed set-up, the electric blanket, is making a 2020 comeback thanks to savvy students and money-conscious millennials. 

While the electric blanket’s popularity has declined since its peak popularity in the latter half of the 20th century, research by Silentnight has found that this sleep time saviour is surging in popularity amongst those aged 18-34. 

Brits aged 25-34 are the most likely to own an electric blanket; while 48 per cent of the nation’s electric blankets are owned by those aged 18-34. 

Silentnight attributes this increase in younger people opting for electric options to the blankets’ ability to create a cosy wintertime bedroom for a low cost – meaning students and young families on tight budgets can heat their home during the coldest part of the year without breaking the bank.

An electric blanket can heat a bedroom for less than one pence per night. That is especially handy as data from Energy Helpline suggests that home working and lockdown guidelines could see household energy bills rise by up to 18 per cent this winter, totalling £1.9 billion in additional bills nationwide.

Hayley Chaytor, spokesperson for Silentnight, said:

While you might typically expect electric blankets to be more popular with the elderly or those who are nostalgic for the 70s and 80s; in fact, they’re becoming something of a heating hack for young Brits who love the cosy atmosphere they create and the bill busting running costs they offer in comparison to traditional central heating or plug-in heaters.  

Across the board, it seems Brits are opting for this cosy and cost-saving option – sales are up 400 per cent this week alone according to Silentnight’s data.Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket

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Silent Nights Comfort Control Electric Blanket which has three heat settings allowing sleepers to select their ideal temperature. The blanket is rigorously tested so it’s safe for all night use, can be machine washed and comes with a three-year warranty.

Let us know in the comments if you will be using an electric blanket this winter…

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