Creative couple give bedroom a makeover turning it into an Instagram dream

Savvy couple reveal how they transformed their room during lockdown

Creative couple Chrissy Shaw, 25 and her partner Callum Robertson, 28 have revealed their bedroom transformation and it’s Instagram goals. With a modern and girly feel, the bedroom features blush pinks, rose gold and minimalistic grey tones. Some of their stunning bedroom items were found from Wowcher, Dunelm and Next. Chrissy even made a DIY faux fluffy stool with materials from The Range and Amazon.

Chrissy told that her duck feather and down, duvet and pillows are from Wowcher – a much more affordable alternative but still good quality.  Her bedding set and pink bed runner is from Dunelm. The white throw is from Next and the cushions are from Dusk.

Chrissy, 25, from Portsmouth, told money-saving site “Our bed is the biggest change and our favourite feature not just of our bedroom but of our home. The bed is from The Luxury Bed Company.

We also got the added lift-up storage, so we were able to empty our storage cupboard to the bed freeing up our storage cupboard – which is amazing when you live in a flat and is your only storage space!”

(Image: Chrissy Shaw)

Chrissy adds: “My beauty stool was a DIY project for our bedroom. I knew I wanted a white faux fur fluffy stool so I started googling, naturally, and saw prices in 3 digits – there was no way I was going to spend that! Instead, I bought a stool from The Range for £19.99 and used a faux fur rug from Amazon which I already had from Christmas last year for £15.69.

I then used a staple gun to wrap the top of the stool with the rug and staple it together underneath. As I already had the rug this then only cost me £20!”

(Image: Chrissy Shaw)

Chrissy is delighted with her bedroom transformation however reveals to that she wishes she had approached it differently.

I wish I had looked on Instagram previously for inspiration before doing the bedroom, as I would have probably done it like this a while ago. I would recommend using Instagram to search for inspiration and really plan out how you want it all to be.

Instagram is also great for finding businesses which can provide the most amazing accessories or even beds in my case too – without Instagram, I would not have known about most companies that are shown in my bedroom reveal!

Chrissy goes on to say:

“You can also get super nice things for really affordable prices. Similar styles to our side tables retail online for over £100 each – we got ours from The Range for only £40 each and we bought crystal styled handle knobs from The Range too to change them over to look fancier.

Chrissy told that her lockdown projects were focused on her bedroom and bathroom. However, now these are complete they are looking to move onto the kitchen.

We did do a budget DIY makeover for the kitchen with Callum (my partner) tiling the wall and wrapping the worktops in DC fix – however with cats who like to jump up and therefore scratch the surfaces we do want to get the worktops replaced and a new sink fitted.

We will either outsource this or Callum will take on the task. It is very helpful having a boyfriend who can do lots of renovating so that is my biggest tip – find one who can!”

(Image: Chrissy Shaw)

Salman Dean founder of comments:

“Lockdown has prompted many people to redo their homes and Chrissy has managed to transform her bedroom into something Instagram worthy. It just proves you don’t need to splash the cash if you shop around.

Most importantly you can find affordable bits to modify pieces to match your style, just like Chrissy did with her bedside tables and faux fur stool.”

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