Our mission

Our mission at Bargain Best Finds is to help consumers make better purchasing decisions, share newsworthy stories and money-saving tips. With that being our foundation we are constantly looking to add value to the lives of our loyal users. We understand that none of this can be achieved unless our users trust us and believe that they can rely on our content to be independent and accurate.


Editorial principles

When creating content here’s how we apply our values with the following editorial principles.


We’re independent

We value and respect our independence. The news, reviews, criticism, stories, opinions and product information we publish represent our views and not those of any other party.

We receive revenue from advertising and affiliate links, but we do not sell our opinions or tailor our judgement to maximise any commercial benefit. We are neither an agent, an associate nor a representative of any of the companies whose products and services we write about. While we facilitate referrals to external parties, we do not sell products or services.

We’re objective

Whatever the topic, we want to provide all the relevant facts that help users to make their own decisions. We aim to be reasonable, fair and disinterested in the outcome of reviews.

We avoid conflicts that may undermine our objectivity or compromise our reputation for honesty and fairness. Where we make mistakes, we respond quickly and make any required corrections immediately.

We’re accurate

The news, reviews, criticism and product information we publish represent our considered views.

We understand the value of our reputation and we take all reasonable efforts to ensure our published content is accurate, complete and current at the time of publication.

We’re useful

We want our site to be useful, so we try to publish clear, accessible and practical content.

To help further, we’ll include relevant links to other sites if they provide useful content. Users who are referred to a third party will deal directly with the third party to apply, open or take up an offer, and relevant terms and conditions will also be on the third-party’s site.

Information, not advice

We publish information that helps users to make better-informed decisions, but we will never recommend a particular product or strategy as being the most appropriate for an individual’s needs and circumstances.

We’re accountable

We’re accountable for upholding our values and these principles.

Where we make mistakes, the editorial team will correct them immediately.

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