About Bargain Best Finds

Bargain Best Finds is dedicated to helping consumers make better purchasing decisions, sharing newsworthy stories and money-saving deals. With that being our foundation we are constantly looking to add value to the lives of our loyal users.

The average person in the UK can give themselves the equivalent of a 25% pay rise by being an active, savvy consumer and finding the very best deals. Our site’s here to inspire and show you how.

We understand that none of this can be achieved unless our users trust us and believe that they can rely on our content to be independent and accurate. For full transparency please read our editorial guidelines.

Our platform

We never charge to save people money, nor does we recommend a particular product or strategy as being the most appropriate for an individual’s needs and circumstances. We publish information that helps users to make better-informed decisions as well as discussing other newsworthy topics and inspiring our users.

1. The daily deals newsletter

We send all the latest deals, offers and sales directly to your inbox. Centred around the best goods available at great prices in the market at that time. Over half of the best deals expire within a week, the email’s aim is to ensure you don’t miss out.

2. The weekly travel deals newsletter

Once a week we round up some of the strongest travel deals covering UK breaks and international travel. Whether you are looking for a romantic staycation of a family break we’ll have something for you.

3. The weekly round-up of our stories

In order to keep you informed you can sign up to receive the latest stories of the week. This is a mix of the newest money-saving news as well as other offers and hacks.

4. Super detailed money-saving guides

Our site has a wide range of guides. Rather than generic information, the guides feature super-detailed product research. Aimed at making your life easy enabling you to find the right products based on your needs.

5.  Join our fast-growing Facebook community

We have a portfolio of Facebook pages where we share trending products and the hottest deals.

6. The Bargain Best Finds members-only group

Join our members-only Facebook group where like-minded individuals share their own money-saving hacks and you can request any recommendations or ask for feedback on any products others may have tried.

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